Front view of our large brown leather clutch with Kuba cloth. Handmade in Africa by Chameleon Goods.

Kinshasa Large Brown Leather Kuba Clutch

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This large brown leather clutch is big enough to easily hold your iPad, wallet, phone, and other important stuff, and has a boho vibe. It's fully lined with soft cotton and has a zipper closure to keep your valuables safely tucked inside.

The fabulous Kuba cloth textile originates in the Congo. It's made of woven raffia cloth which is further embroidered. Traditionally, men were responsible for the cultivation and weaving of the raffia, and women were responsible for the surface decoration. 

- Leather and Kuba Cloth from the Congo
- Fully lined with cotton twill
- Zipper closure
- Measures 12" X 9" (20cm X 23cm)
- Depth 1" (3cm)

Your new bag deserves to be treated with care. When not in use, please store it away from direct sunlight, and use specialized cleaning and protecting products when caring for the leather. The mud cloth insert can be spot-cleaned as necessary.

Textile inserts have been handmade in African communities where weaving and dyeing have been in existence for hundreds of years. Their imperfections and oddities add character to each bag, while still maintaining a high level of quality. Leather may include beautiful original markings from the cow's life, such as scarring, welts, brand marks and more.

Carefully handcrafted in Africa.