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7 Was You Can Support Development in Africa - Really!

1. Avoid donating clothes and good to charities that are shipping them to "Africa".

Th secondhand clothing market has been one of the key factors in the death of the textile industries in many African nations. Read more:

2. Consider buying some of your goods from small to mid-sized entrepreneurial business. Here's one example for your and why it's a good idea:

3. Support small businesses and entrepreneurs directly, by loaning them money (you can support an entrepreneur with as little as $25 through organizations such as ( or any of the following similar:

  • Babyloan - Kiva like site based in France, works with intermediaries
  • CARE International UK - Kiva like site based in the UK, works with intermediaries
  • Milaap - Uses loan model for funding basic needs – water, sanitation, clean energy, education and training for livelihood generation
  • Watsi - Kiva for medical treatments (donation based)
  • Zidisha - Lower interest rates than Kiva. Bypasses intermediaries, uses local volunteers. Provides detailed statistics and individual loan reports publicly on their website. Complaints and criticism are not allowed on the forum. (This one seems to be the most highly-recommended on Quora)

4. If getting personally involved appeals to you, then you might consider making a meaningful contribution by sharing your skills with a volunteer organization, such as the Peace Corps, Cuso, the VSO, United Nations Volunteers, and so on. Do your research first - you want to ensure that the project you work on has planned long-term benefits, and eventually won't depend on volunteers to operate (transferring knowledge and control to a local workforce.)

5. Volunteer online!!